Twitter Rebrands to X, A Risky Move for the Financial World


Twitter’s recent rebranding to X has sparked excitement and skepticism among investors and the crypto community. The move, driven by Elon Musk’s vision of transforming the platform into the “The Everything App” for the financial world, is perceived as a daring endeavor. 

As finance revolves around payments, user trust becomes paramount, placing Musk’s brand reputation on the line. Crypto market intrigued by potential Dogecoin payments on X, resulting in 15% price surge in a week. X’s rebranding sparks interest in using Dogecoin for payments, impacting its market value significantly.

Speculating Dogecoin Payments on X: Insights from Crypto Influencers and Coinbase Research Head

Scott Melker’s Perspective

Prominent crypto influencer Scott Melker weighed in on the potential opportunities for Dogecoin amid Twitter’s rebranding. 1. Melker linked Musk’s PayPal co-founder background, pondering if X’s everything app emphasizes payments and finances. 

Speculating if X’s transformation suggests a strong focus on payments and finances due to Musk’s history. With this in mind, Melker questioned the likelihood of Dogecoin being integrated for payments on the X platform.

David Duong’s Insights

David Duong, the head of research at Coinbase, shared his thoughts on Twitter’s developments in a Twitter spaces session. Duong emphasized that the world of finance naturally interconnects everything, as users constantly make payments for various goods and services. Duong suggested Dogecoin as the unit of account on X could trigger a price surge.

Dogecoin’s integration on X may lead to a potential surge in its value. David Duong cautioned that it’s still being determined if Musk will implement Dogecoin payments on X due to market dynamics and regulations. Implementing memecoin payments hinges on how the crypto market evolves and regulations shape the financial landscape.

The Challenges of Launching Crypto Payments on X

Scott Melker and David Duong discussed the hurdles that may accompany the launch of crypto payments on X. Melker highlighted that such news could result in significant volatility for the crypto market and, consequently, even more turbulence for payments made within the app. Duong supported this view, emphasizing that a transactional currency is susceptible to value fluctuations, which could complicate its use within the system.

The Impact of X Rebranding on Cryptocurrency Markets

Twitter’s rebranding to X and Musk’s vision as “The Everything App” captivated investors and impacted crypto markets. Speculations of Dogecoin payments on X led to a surge in its price, driven by market sentiment. 

Dogecoin payment speculation triggered a price surge, reflecting Musk’s influence on market sentiment. X rebranding impact is seen as investors anticipate possible Dogecoin integration, boosting its value.

Dogecoin’s Price Rally Amid X Rebranding

The recent rebranding exercise of Twitter to X sent ripples through the crypto market, especially for Dogecoin. Once a joke, Dogecoin surged in price due to anticipation of integration on X platform. 

Memecoin’s remarkable rally fueled by the prospect of being part of X’s ecosystem. This development has intrigued and concerned crypto enthusiasts, as the volatile nature of Dogecoin raises questions about its suitability as a means of payment on a widely used app like X.

Crypto Influencers and Their Views on X Payments

Crypto influencer Scott Melker’s contemplation about emphasizing payments in X’s rebranding strategy resonates with the crypto community. Elon Musk’s PayPal co-founding legacy hints at X potentially transforming into a payments app. The idea seems plausible. However, there is still uncertainty about whether cryptocurrencies, especially Dogecoin, will play a significant role in this payment ecosystem.

David Duong’s Perspective on Dogecoin Payments

David Duong’s insights as the head of research at Coinbase offer valuable perspectives on the potential impact of Dogecoin payments on X. His statement that the world of finance naturally revolves around payments makes a strong case for integrating cryptocurrencies. 

Market conditions with Bitcoin ETF rise and XRP legal battles complicate introducing crypto payments, as emphasized by Duong. Duong warns of complexities due to market factors when considering crypto payments on X, like Bitcoin ETF and XRP cases. The regulatory uncertainties surrounding cryptocurrencies and the potential impact on the stability of payments within the app pose significant challenges.

The Complexity of Implementing Crypto Payments on X

Scott Melker’s warning about the potential volatility of introducing crypto payments on X strikes a chord with the crypto market’s past experiences. The price fluctuations of cryptocurrencies are notorious, and integrating them into an app used for financial transactions could lead to wild swings in user experiences and trust.

David Duong’s caution that transactional currencies like Dogecoin are also subject to value deviations further highlights the complexity of implementing such a feature. The continuous price appreciation of Dogecoin could make it challenging for users to adopt it for everyday payments within the app.


As Twitter evolves into X and Elon Musk aims to revolutionize the financial world, the speculations surrounding Dogecoin payments on the platform continue to captivate the crypto community. The surge in Dogecoin’s price is a testament to the power of Musk’s influence on the market sentiment. However, the road to integrating crypto payments on X is fraught with challenges, including regulatory uncertainties and the inherent volatility of cryptocurrencies. Only time will reveal whether X’s rebranding will mark a new era for crypto payments or if it will follow a more conventional financial technology path.


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