PM Modi Embraces Crypto Regulations: Technology Can’t Be Ignored

crypto sector.

The Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi recently stated his ardent support for the adoption of thorough regulations governing the quickly developing cryptocurrency industry, which has attracted the interest of the world’s financial and technology communities.

Instead of ignoring the revolutionary potential of cryptocurrencies, Modi’s position highlights the significance of keeping up with technical changes and pursuing a unified approach to regulation.

India’s Crypto Regulation Push: An Integral Part of G20 Presidency

The regulation of cryptocurrencies is a top priority for India during its current G20 Presidency, which will end in December of this year. The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) and the Indian Finance Ministry have both emphasised the importance of formally regulating cryptocurrency activity.

With Modi’s recent remarks, it is clear that India wants to take the lead among developed nations in formulating comprehensive laws for the quickly growing cryptocurrency industry.

Technological Advancements: A Challenge to Embrace, Not Ignore

The foundation of Prime Minister Modi’s support for crypto regulation is his viewpoint on technical progress. He once stated in an interview that, given the undeniably quick pace of change. It is pointless to ignore or wish away technological advancement.

Instead, Modi promotes the democratisation and widespread adoption of cutting-edge technology, such as cryptocurrency. While also putting in place a legal framework that is applicable everywhere.

Global Consensus: The Guiding Principle

PM Modi expressed a viewpoint in his interview that is shared by many participants in the cryptocurrency industry. He urged the creation of a worldwide consensus-based model. That would lay out the industry’s guiding principles and ensure consistency among nations.

By encouraging innovation while preserving a structured regulatory environment that promotes growth and stability. This strategy aims to find a balance.

G20 Collaboration: Developing a Unified Regulatory Approach

India’s cooperation with other G20 countries demonstrates its commitment to developing globally applicable legislation for the bitcoin industry. India has actively sought advice and comments from its G20 counterparts.

Over the past nine months to develop a regulatory framework that addresses the particular problems presented by cryptocurrencies. Various international financial institutions, including the Financial Stability Board (FSB) are also contributing to the development of these rules.

Broadening the Scope: Beyond Financial Stability

The conversation on cryptocurrencies has broadened beyond just ensuring financial stability during India’s G20 chairmanship. According to Modi, the topic has expanded to include cryptocurrencies’ wider macroeconomic effects, particularly for emerging markets and poor nations.

The G20 countries have agreed on these issues. Giving standard-setting agencies direction in developing suitable rules that support responsible innovation.

Progress Update: India’s Crypto Laws Work

India published a presidency note on August 1 that provided information to the whole community about the development of crypto laws. Major regulations for cryptocurrencies and the larger Web3 ecosystem are still being discussed. But there are already controls in place to keep an eye on the market.

The Indian Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT-IN) has issued guidelines to ensure compliance by VDA service providers. The Advertising Standards Council of India (ASCI) has issued guidelines for responsible advertising. VDA service providers are now included as reporting entities under the Prevention of Money Laundering Act (PMLA).


The adoption of comprehensive regulations for the cryptocurrency industry. By Prime Minister, Modi demonstrates India’s commitment to embracing technological advancement. While upholding a structured and globally coordinated regulatory environment.

The G20 collaboration demonstrates India’s dedication to responsibly and sustainably influencing the development of cryptocurrencies. The engagement of international financial institutions, and the realisation of broader macroeconomic ramifications.

The globe eagerly anticipates the adoption of legislation that will influence. The cryptocurrency environment for years to come as India’s G20 Presidency nears its conclusion.


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