Crypto Heirloom: Apex Must-Have!

Crypto Heirloom

In the dynamic world of Apex Legends, excitement is reaching its peak as the Warrior collection event takes center stage. This event, running from March 29 until April 12, has brought a wave of content, including introducing a long-awaited Crypto Heirloom. The game features ultra-rare, prestigious Heirlooms, and this new one is exclusively designed for Crypto mains, delighting fans.

The Warrior Collection Event: An Exciting Bounty of Content

Defiance, the latest season in Apex Legends, came with the arrival of Mad Maggie, an explosive new legend, alongside significant map changes. Respawn’s Warrior collection event delights players with exciting new additions, including a wealth of enticing in-game cosmetics.

Crypto Heirloom Revealed: A Blade Steeped in Personal History

For Season 12, EA has chosen to express their appreciation to Crypto fans by presenting the surveillance assassin with his crypto Heirloom set. Heirlooms are not easy to come by; only a select few legends have had their Heirloom sets released thus far.

The Baiwon Blade: A Technologically Marvelous Katana

The Baiwon blade has been perfectly crafted, resembling an automatic katana with distinct Crypto colors. However, what truly sets this blade apart is its remarkable custom animation. An old image of Crypto’s beloved foster sisters, Mila and Mystic, is concealed within the blade. When wielded, the legend can summon forth this cherished picture, making the Baiwon blade an exceptional and sentimental Heirloom.

Unlocking Crypto’s Heirloom: A Coveted Treasure

For players yearning to possess Crypto’s Heirloom, there are two primary methods to obtain it. The first and simplest approach is to purchase all 24 items available in the Warrior’s collection. Doing so will unlock the coveted Heirloom, granting immediate access to this rare item.

Alternatively, for those unable to acquire the entire collection, the Baiwon blade will be offered in the Mythic store for 150 heirloom shards. Players can either gather these shards by opening Apex packs or purchase them directly. Respawn’s update guarantees players receive shards after opening 500 Apex Packs, making the Crypto Heirloom more attainable.


The Warrior collection event in Apex Legends has brought joy and excitement to Crypto players worldwide as they finally receive their long-awaited Heirloom. The Baiwon blade’s personalized animation, incorporating an image of Crypto’s family, adds a touching and meaningful aspect to this ultra-rare collectible. The Crypto Heirloom stands as a symbol of accomplishment and dedication for legend fans. Whether players unlock it by purchasing the entire collection or diligently open Apex packs for heirloom shards. Amidst the alluring event content, Crypto’s Heirloom stands as the coveted prize for Apex players to cherish. It symbolizes their mark in the game’s universe.


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