Canoo (GOEV) Stock Price Prediction 2025: Analyzing Forecast and Trends

canoo stock price prediction 2025

The EV market has blown up in terms of growth and innovation, with players such as Canoo Inc. (GOEV) vying for a place in this quickly developing industry.

It’s vital to learn the variables that affect Canoo’s victory and the forecasts that professionals are making about its future as investors and fans closely monitor the trajectory of the stock price. We will look at Canoo’s current situation, analysts’ canoo stock price prediction 2025, and the process used to predict stock prices.

Comprehending the Canoo Stock Price Prediction 2025

A mixture of neural webs, overall data, technological research methods, and macroeconomic hands are used to canoo stock price prediction 2025.

This particular approach aims to deliver a fine prediction of the stock’s potential path. The canoo stock price prediction 2025 standard is revised every day hanging on the close price of the last trading day in order to include the most current information.

Interpreting the Analysis

According to the forecasts, Canoo’s stock price can fluctuate throughout canoo stock price prediction 2025, both upward and downward. The difference between the optimistic and pessimistic objectives illustrates the degree of uncertainty in stock price forecasts.

These variations are attributable to a variety of market reasons, including shifting investor sentiment, factors affecting the global economy, and developments in the industry.

Current Snapshot of Canoo’s Stock Price

The most recent data show that Canoo’s stock (GOEV) is now trading at around $3.5 per share. The 52-week high and low for the company, which were $3.78 and $0.414, respectively, are reflected in this value.

Additionally, the 200-day moving average is at $0.836, representing the stock’s resistance level, while the 50-day moving average is at $0.555, representing the current support level.

About Canoo and Its Performance

Aiming to produce affordable commercial electric vehicles, notably minivans designed for rental and car-sharing programmes, Canoo is an American electric vehicle manufacturer with its headquarters in Torrance, California. Since its founding in 2017, the business has drawn notice for its cutting-edge approach to design and business concepts in the EV industry.

Key Financial Metrics

The following important financial indicators provide information about Canoo’s current financial situation:

💡Market Capitalization: $309,781,000

💡EBITDA: -$332,484,000

💡PE Ratio: None

💡PEG Ratio: None


💡Dividend Yield (DY): N/A

💡EPS: -$0.95

💡Quarterly Earnings Growth YOY: N/A

💡Quarterly Revenue Growth YOY: N/A

💡Trailing PE: –

💡Forward PE: –

💡EV To Revenue: 795.13

💡EV To EBITDA: -0.853

💡Shares Outstanding: 628,342,000

💡Shares Float: N/A

💡Shares Short Prior Month: N/A

💡Short Ratio: N/A

💡Percent Insiders: N/A

💡Percent Institutions: N/A


There are inherent risks and uncertainties when investing in the stock market, particularly in dynamic areas like electric vehicles. While forecasting models and professional studies offer insightful information, it’s critical to approach them with some care and an awareness of the larger market environment. 
Canoo stock price prediction 2025, changes in customer tastes, governmental changes, and technological improvements are anticipated to have an impact on Canoo’s course. When thinking about buying Canoo or any other stock, keep in mind that you should do your homework and speak with financial professionals in order to make decisions that are in line with your risk appetite and investment objectives.


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